CLB 038: Love or Fear

Love or fear? Which do you choose?

As I was reflecting on what the topic could be for this podcast episode I became aware that we’ve talked a lot about fear. And, rightly so… I believe that at the heart of all anxiety, depression, self-hatred, feelings of unworthiness… if we go deep enough, if we peel back enough layers… we always find fear at their root.

But I find myself being a bit concerned about focusing on fear so much… I liken my concern to the same reason I don’t believe all those anti-whatever campaigns will ever be effective – anti-drugs, anti-cancer, anti-war and on and on. All the focus of those campaigns is on the darkness. Fighting, battle. The energy behind all those campaigns is fear. And what are you ultimately going to get with fear? Where are you going to get by trying to get rid of the darkness?

So in today’s episode I want to bring in the light.

In a sense we’re still talking about fear… but we’re approaching it differently. We’re not trying to rid ourselves of the darkness, we are bringing in the light.

And to do that I want to talk about love.

Let’s talk about love.

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