CLB 037: Comparing Yourself to Others

comparing yourself to others

Okay, fess up. We all do it. I’m talking about comparing ourselves to others.

Yeah. You ever catch yourself doing that while you’re browsing Instagram or Facebook? When you overhear someone’s good news about a job promotion or a vacation that they are taking?

How does comparing yourself to others make you feel? Generally not good, right? So in this episode we’re going to explore why we compare, how we compare and, most importantly, how to break free from this heartbreakingly futile habit.

Key Points Re: Comparing Yourself to Others

  • We look at what others are doing and we wish we were doing that too. We look at how others look and we wish we looked the same way. We look at how others act and we wish we acted the same way.
  • And all this comparing just makes us feel bad. It’s one of the most common reasons why people are not content with their lives – because we compare ourselves so much to others.
  • What we don’t consider or realize, however, is that the truth is we’re comparing ourselves to an ideal, a fantasy. We’re comparing ourselves to something that doesn’t even exist, an illusion our mind has created.
  • What is going to serve you better? Wishing you were someone else or loving where you are, loving what you are doing and loving who you are with?
  • And think about what we are doing, too, to the person we compare ourselves to… in a sense, we’re doing them a disservice, aren’t we? We end up feeling resentful towards not only ourselves, but towards them, too. A comparison is a type of judgement. We’re judging them. And when we judge someone are we truly loving them?
  • How to break free from this habit:
    • Bring awareness
    • Pause
    • Shift your focus
    • Accept
    • Find inspiration
  • There’s a freedom in knowing – in truly knowing – that what we have, who we are – is already enough.

Episode Transcript

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Be aware. Pause. Shift your focus. Accept. Find inspiration.

Catch yourself the next time you’re comparing yourself to others and practice these simple steps.

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