CLB 032: How to Prevent Your Ego from Holding You Back

prevent ego from holding you back

What if your ego is contributing to your anxiety? Find out how to prevent your ego from holding you back…

Our ego, when we let it, has a tendency to hold us back from living the life we truly want to live. If we’re not aware of how it traps us, we can easily fall under its illusion of reality. And when this happens there’s the risk of furthering uncomfortable feelings like anxiety.

Key Points Re: Prevent Your Ego From Holding You Back

  • The problem with a fixed identity is that we have to rearrange reality to conform to this fixed view of ourselves.
  • It’s an ineffective attempt at dealing with the uncertainty of life and by trying to hold on to that fixed identity it just causes more struggle and pain for us in the long term.
  • Everything is filtered through our fixed identity.
  • How attached are you to your opinions of yourself? Who would you be without these opinions?
  • We create these fixed ideas – these unchanging views – about ourselves and others as an attempt to escape the ambiguity of being human, the impermanence of life.
  • We need to stay present with our uncomfortable feelings and experience without the storyline attached.

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Remember, when you feel uneasy it’s just a signal you’re contacting the fluidity of life. Don’t hide from these feelings by feeding your ego, your fixed identity… let yourself experience life as it is. See these moments as opportunities.

Be fully present.

Feel your heart.

And engage the next moment without an agenda.

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