CLB 029: You’re Exactly Where You Need to Be

where you need to be

So there’s something that I’ve been reflecting on lately that I thought I would share… this aspect of life that sometimes the hardest thing to do is to live exactly where you are and as who you are.

Have you ever felt that?

It’s a funny thing… growing up no one teaches you how to do that – to just live.

Each morning we wake up caught between the person we once were and the person we are becoming, between the life you once lived and the one you are creating.

And you’re kind of left to wonder if it’s possible to ever find some peace in that space between yesterday and tomorrow.

So that’s what this episode is about – how we can embrace where we are right now and the fact that that is exactly where we need to be.

Key Points Re: Where You Need To Be

  • An important question: “Why do I really want to change this part of myself?”
  • How can you come to self-acceptance? What does that path look like? Here are a few things that I’ve found that helped me:
    • Love Your Yesterdays
    • Dream of Tomorrow
    • Embrace Today
  • It comes down to self-acceptance

Episode Transcript

You can download the transcript of this episode by clicking here.

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Reflect upon the questions posed in this episode.

How can you apply the three suggestions in your own life?

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