CLB 024: Is It Ever Too Late?

is it ever too late

Is it ever too late?

The other day one of my clients said, “Maybe it’s too late for me.” She felt defeated, like things had never gone right for her and she felt hopeless that things would ever go right for her.

Now, this wasn’t a one-time thought. This particular person had this thought before. I’ve had other clients share similar hopeless thoughts and feelings before. I myself have had these thoughts before.

Maybe you have, too. Maybe you’ve gotten to a place where you start questioning yourself…

Are my best days behind me? Is it too late? Have I missed out on my life? Have I missed my big opportunity? Is the rest of my life just more of the same old same old?

Well, as I told my client: nothing could be further from the truth. And I actually know that to be a fact. And in this podcast episode I’ll share how I know that to be fact and I’ll offer some tips to handle these types of hopeless thoughts and feelings so that they don’t inhibit you from doing what you want to do.

Key Points Re: Ever Too Late

  • You are not alone in your doubts and struggles
  • For scientific proof check out the Positive Aging Newsletter
  • I encourage you to check out the book, The Noticer, by Andy Andrews
  • Here’s a quote I love from the book:

If you are breathing, you are still alive. If you are alive, then you are still here, physically, on this planet. If you are still here, then you have not completed what you were put on earth to do . . . that means your very purpose has not yet been fulfilled. If your purpose has not yet been fulfilled, then the most important part of your life has not yet been lived. And if the most important part of your life has not yet been lived . . That is my proof of hope.

Episode Transcript

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To strengthen your resiliency practice elevating your perspective. There’s a significant difference between having big problems and making your problems big. By elevating your perspective you’ll be able to see your problems for what they are: hurdles to be scaled, sure, but not “end of the world” catastrophes that are insurmountable.

Another thing you can do is ask yourself, “Am I letting my situation define me?”

Have you allowed yourself to be defined by a past event in your life? And is that definition holding you back from being the person you want to be?

Focus on what’s in your control. Why waste your energy complaining about what you can’t do, don’t want or can’t have? Make the most of what you can do with the resources you currently have.

And, finally, don’t go it alone. Research shows that people who have stronger support networks cope better in difficult times. Don’t let false pride, timidity, or trying to avoid appearing needy keep you from reaching out, sharing what you’re dealing with and asking for support. It could literally add years to your life.

So if you don’t have that in your life right now, if you don’t have a support system, seek it out. That’s one of the big reasons why I created the Calm Living Blueprint – to create a safe, non-judgemental community of people who can support each other.

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