CLB 002: Are You Playing By The Wrong Rules?

calm living blueprint podcast episode 2

In this episode we are going to shatter some common, widely held myths surrounding anxiety, fear and confidence that may be stopping you from living the life you want to live. These myths are like rules for the game of life, but they are the wrong rules!

You can never win if you are playing by the wrong rules.

So let’s find out what those myths are and teach you the real rules of the confidence game…

Key Points

  • It’s not about reducing or eliminating your so-called symptoms. It’s about transforming your relationship with your thoughts and feelings so you no longer think of them as symptoms.
  • You’ve been learning the wrong rules since you were a child. They’re promoted in Hollywood movies, magazines, by pop psychologists, self-help gurus, hypnotherapists, motivational speakers, and the so-called “common sense” advice we get from professionals and relatives.
  • Myth #1: Happiness, confidence are our natural or default states.
  • Myth #2: If you’re not socially confident, you’re defective.
  • Myth #3: Fear is a sign of weakness.
  • Myth #4: Fear or lack of confidence holds you back.
  • Myth #5: Confidence is the absence of fear.
  • Myth #6: You should be able to control what you think and feel.

Episode Transcript

You can download the transcript of this episode by clicking here.


Increasing your self-awareness is always a needed first step. It’s important to notice all the little things you do each day to avoid or get rid of unpleasant thoughts and feelings and also notice the consequences.

I recommend you keep a journal or spend a few minutes each day reflecting on this. You can download a simple form that will help you do this by clicking here.


Then head on over to episode 3 to release the illusion of control…

2 responses to “CLB 002: Are You Playing By The Wrong Rules?”

  1. yes awesome i will listen to the rest and put this to good use
    ida claude i would like to see u but my funds are real tight from Regina Shelley Todd told me about you we grew up together she lived down the block born aweek apart been like sisters all are lives

    • Sounds great, Ida. You may wish to call our clinic, Wellness Blueprint Health Centre at (306) 781-2222 since you’re in the Regina area. We can set up an initial consult and go from there. Appreciate the referral from Shelley. Thanks, Dr. Candice

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