CLB 011: The Most Important Step To Free Yourself From Anxiety

most important step


This podcast episode is going to be one of the most important things you listen you.

No hype here. It just is.

In my opinion this is the most important step of the Calm Living Blueprint, of setting yourself free from fear, free from your struggles with anxiety.

Key Points

  • Values alone aren’t enough. Our journey begins only when we start taking action.
  • When we move forward guided by our values, we feel a sense of meaning and purpose, even in the face of major challenges.
  • Even if we think a goal is impossible we can still keep moving towards it. You don’t have to believe that you’ll achieve it. You just need to take action.
  • Every little step counts. Each and every step is an important part of the journey.
  • Oftentimes, moving in a meaningful direction will give rise to uncomfortable feelings – fear, self-doubt, anxiety. Therefore, we better learn to make room for those painful feelings if we want to achieve our goals.
  • We can’t stop the difficult thoughts and feelings from popping up, but we can stop investing our energy in struggling with them and instead focus on the task at hand.
  • Commitment doesn’t mean you never give up or never go off track. Commitment means that when you do give up you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get back on track again.
  • The actions of social confidence come first. The feelings of social confidence come later.

Episode Transcript

You can download a copy of this episode’s transcript by clicking here.

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If you chose option 2, it’s time to get moving …

Take a moment to clarify your next step and then take action. Take the action you commit to.



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