CLB 001: A Daring Adventure or Nothing

calm living blueprint podcast episode 1

[blockquote cite=”Helen Keller” type=”left”]“Life is a daring adventure, or nothing.”[/blockquote]

Welcome to the first episode of the Calm Living Blueprint podcast. Thank you for joining me and taking the time to listen. My name is Candice Esposito and I will be your humble host the Calm Living podcast series.

The format of this first episode is going to be a bit different than future episodes. Being the first one I thought I’d introduce myself. You’re probably wondering, “Why should I listen to her?” “Is this going to be worth my time?” “What’s in this for me?”

And I totally get that. Those are all valid questions.

So I want to first of all answer those questions for you so you can choose whether to keep on listening or not. I’m going to explain why I decided to start this podcast, and, more importantly, how it will benefit you and why you’ll want to keep listening in the future.

Could you benefit from being more psychologically present, more in touch with your values, more able to make room for the inevitable pain of life, more able to distance yourself from unhelpful thoughts, beliefs and memories, more able to take effective action in the face of emotional discomfort, more able to fully engage in what you’re doing, and more able to appreciate each moment of your life no matter how you are feeling?

If you answered yes you’ll want to keep listening.

And to keep reading, I recommend you download the Episode Transcript.

Let me know about your experience with anxiety by sharing a comment below…

And then head on over to episode 2 to discover how you are probably playing by the wrong rules of the social confidence game…


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