CLB 025: Mandela’s Example

I often find myself incorporating Nelson Mandela’s story and how he approached life, his attitude, into the Calm Living Blueprint because I think it offers a wonderful example of taking committed action even in the face of fear, pain and discomfort.

So that’s what I want to examine in this podcast episode – five lessons I’ve learned from Mr. Mandela’s example.

Key Points Re: Mandela’s Example

Lesson #1: The actions of confidence come first; the feelings of confidence come later.

Lesson #2: Self-acceptance.

Lesson #3: Practice being in the here and now.

Lesson #4: Clarify your values and use those as your motivation, your guiding compass towards taking committed action.

Lesson #5: Persist. You can keep taking committed action even after you’ve so-called quit or given up or gotten lost.

Episode Transcript

You can download the transcript of this episode by clicking here.

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